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Field Agents & Scouts

CM agents and scouts are highly seasoned event executives and professionals with a collective resume that boasts expertise in all aspects of the worlds largest sporting and special events and music festivals.  Benefit from the eyes and ears of experts who have produced Super Bowls and Final Fours, Music Festivals, and the largest conventions and trade shows. CM deploys Field Agents and Field Scouts, based on your event needs.

Agents are fully embedded experts engaging directly with events in a number of roles, including: competitors, guests, media, VIPs, volunteers, or event staff.

Scouts serve as your eyes and ears on the periphery, providng event owners or sponsors real time data and feedback as a fan or attendee for public events, citywide decor, sponsor activations, transportation, security, or any fan facing element. 

Fan Experience

Want to know EXACTLY what your fans and attendees are experiencing? CM field agents can walk the walk in their shoes for you, providing valuable intel on front of house experiences and fan facing initiatives, gathering data from the front lines that can help improve processes and systems on the fly.

Event Operations

If you trust your event to third party contractors for critical services from transportation and parking, to hotels and lodging, to event management, chances are that one of our field agents has already worked your event in the past. CM agents are trained to evaluate contractor performance in action, giving you piece of mind that they are executing to your level of expectation, or not.


Protect your sponsor investment by having us evaluate how event owners are activating your partnership and delivering the value you deserve. CM eyes and ears on the ground can identify branding and awareness fulfillment for event sponsors, report on ambush marketing efforts, or provide intel and valuation on the effectiveness of sponsor activations.

Media and Public Relations:
Know what the media are likely to report on before they report on it.

Volunteer Operations:
A happy volunteer is a return volunteer. CM feedback can boost your volunteer retention.


Government and Municipal Services:
Is your community supporting your event and meeting the expectations of event owners, host committees, and attendees. If not, CM can help. 


Pre-Event Planning and Consulting:

CM event planning can help maximize the effectiveness of a Host Committee,  venue relationships, fundraising efforts, community integration, baranding and awareness, or vendor services. Our participation from the ground up can help guarantee the sucess of any event.


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